WatchYouCheat – Wash My Load – Summer Col
Summer Col
Aaliyah Love and Pierce Paris, a couple, are at the laundromat putting in their final load. But as they sit back and wait for it to be done, they spot Summer Col coming in to do her own laundry.As Summer bends over to throw clothes into a machine, both Aaliyah and Pierce coyly eye her, obviously liking what they see. That's when Aaliyah and Pierce start whispering to each other, making it clear that they're both into Summer and that Aaliyah wants to see Pierce have fun with her. Pierce is pleasantly surprised and down for some laundromat lovin'.When Aaliyah introduces herself to Summer and makes the steamy offer, she's delighted that Summer is into it. Now laundry is the furthest thing from their minds as Summer saunters towards the awaiting Pierce while Aaliyah eagerly watches on...
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