Come Home, Sweetie – Ariel X, Gal Ritchie – Mommy’s Girl

Ariel X & Gal Ritchie
Gal Ritchie warmly invites her stepmom, Ariel X, over for a visit at her new place. But as they settle in, there are signs that Gal may be struggling with living on her own since moving out. Ariel can't help but notice some overdue bills sitting nearby and that the fridge is pretty empty, though is nothing but supportive to try and avoid hurting Gal's pride.But Gal soon sheepishly opens up and admits that she's been overwhelmed. In fact, she starts to wonder if maybe she wasn't actually ready to move out yet -- can she move back home?Ariel is proud and easily welcomes Gal back, expressing admiration for how mature and brave Gal is to ask for help. Gal is relieved and opens up even more about how much she admires Ariel in return for always being such a good stepmom to her and an amazing woman in general. But the more they build each other up, the more unexpected sparks start to fly between them, which leads to them seeing each other in a completely new and sexually-charged light. It looks like Gal is about to get a 'welcome home' celebration of a lifetime!
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