Getting Down to Business Sonya Durganova, Linda Sweet- Fake Hostel

Linda Sweet & Sonya Durganova
What's a business woman like Sonya Durganova to do when the Four Seasons is booked solid? She has to find lodgings, and the Fake Hostel is always open for pretty women! Unimpressed by the shoddy state of the entrance hall, Sonya nevertheless follows the Landlord downstairs to the room she must share with Linda Sweet, who has already known the pleasures the hostel has to offer. In the middle of the night the Landlord pays Linda a visit and sucks her tits, then makes her scream in pleasure by eating her pussy. The noise wakes up Sonya, who realizes she's in the right place at the right time, and descends the bunk-bed for a sexy threesome!
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