Blindfolded and Smashed Rebecca Volpetti – Smashed

Rebecca Volpetti
Rebecca Volpetti has a new way to make herself nice and hot. She sets up a webcam to broadcast herself and then blindfolds herself so that she's helpless in her lingerie. She calls her boyfriend, Thomas Stone, in by saying that she's ready and waiting. Thomas doesn't know he's performing for an audience as he goes ahead and smashes his hot girlfriend, but knowing that they are makes Rebecca even more turned on. Rebecca starts the party with Thomas's finger in her mouth, a preview of what's to come inside her juicy twat. Feeling up Rebecca's tits beneath her bra, Thomas gets his hot honey on her back so he can feel how wet and ready she is. Rebecca finds herself with a cock shoved deep into her throat as Thomas fucks her face. Then he rolls her onto her back and pushes his dick all the way inside. Rebecca's pussy pounding has only just begun. With Thomas spooned behind her and pulling her hair, he fucks her from behind. Then they rut in doggy with Thomas holding Rebecca's arms behind her back. She deep throats her own juices from Thomas's dick, then climbs on top so that Thomas can fuck her from below as she rides him. That final frantic coupling leaves Rebecca glutted with a big fat creampie that she licks from her fingertips with a big smile for her viewers.
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