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Izzy Bell & Silvia Saige

Izzy Bell and Silvia Saige are a hot mother stepdaughter duo who enjoy spending quality time together. On this day however, Silvia was caught doing some naughty stepmommy things by her stepdaughter Ivy. Silvia was an artist, but Ivy had no idea she liked to paint nude young men! Instead of busting her, Ivy took this as a chance to play with her teen pussy and get off. Masturbation was fun but there had to be a way for her to get in on some of this action. The next day, stepmom was continuing to paint her same model and Izzy walked in as they were setting up. Silvia could tell Ivy was curious, and gave her an introduction to the male body. She even asked if Ivy wanted to help get the model erect! Ivy was game, but had no idea what she was doing. Silvia walked Ivy through her first blowjob, and boy did she do great! So great in fact that she made the model cum, now he can’t be hard for the painting until later. The next time the three convened, Izzy met with the model first. She figured she should start to blow him again, but she wanted more. She began riding him only to get caught by Silvia. Her reaction was that of a lusty stepmom. She joined right and in showed her stepdaughter how bad she really was. These girls not only rocked this guys world, but spent quality mother stepdaughter time together while doing it!

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