April 2023 Flavor of the Month Scarlett Hampton Scarlett Hampton – My Family Pies

Scarlett Hampton
Scarlett Hampton and Joshua Lewis have a tumultuous relationship with Joshua constantly ranking his stepsister. Scarlett gets up from the couch to get a glass of water. Joshua hides the phone, then urges Scarlett to find it. When she realizes Joshua is sitting on the phone, Scarlett begins shoving him. The escalation results in Joshua pulling down Scarlett's shirt to put her boobies out there on display. Later, Joshua is in Scarlett's room when he finds her birth control, thong, and vibrator. He downs the pills and takes both the thong and vibrator, knowing that Scarlett will definitely miss them. When Scarlett realizes her stuff is missing, she storms into Joshua's room. She pulls the towel from around his waist and tells him that she's gonna prank him now. She can either tell her mom, or Joshua can fuck her and get off. Scarlett sweetens the pot by getting on her knees to blow him. Joshua isn't opposed to giving Scarlett what she wants. He obediently lays down in bed so Scarlett can ride his cock while he palms her titties. Then he shoves himself nice and deep into that creamy coochie as Scarlett rocks back on her knees to meet him. On her back, Scarlett opens her thighs to welcome Joshua back inside one last time as she begs him to fill her up with cum. He obliges, delivering a creampie. Joshua is feeling pretty good right up until Scarlett reminds him that he just ate all her birth control.
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