UsePOV – Hot Therapy – Cali Sweets, Laura Bentley

Cali Sweets & Laura Bentley
Austin's life is a mess right now, and his stepmom Laura isn't happy about it. To make things worse, she just received a call from the boy's principal saying that he missed school once more. Tired, Laura confronts Austin and tells him something needs to change. As she jerks off her boy's cock, she scolds Austin, who tells her she should go to therapy. There's a lot of tension in the relationship right now, so it's for a professional to help them out. Laura decides to hire Dr. Sweets, an unorthodox therapist who has an interesting skill set to repair the broken bond. The hot black doctor rides Austin's cock while digging deeper into his relationship with his stepmother. She squeezes his dick while getting the truth out of him. Soon, Laura and Austin start to patch things up thanks to Dr. Sweets' help. There's just one final test to fix the bond: a horny threesome that will be the start of a new era for the horny family.
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