TeenPies – That’s What Roomies Are for – Annie Archer

Annie Archer
Annie was stood up by her boyfriend again. Luckily for her, her boyfriend's roomie and best friend is there to cheer her up. Nicky, the guy's roommate, asks Annie about her needs and what her boyfriend isn't doing for her. Annie confesses it's been a while since he last kissed her. Nicky realizes that Annie has a whole sexual vibe going on and that she needs much more than a kiss, so after a hot makeout session with his roomie's girlfriend, he feeds her with his luscious cock. The sexual beast inside of Annie awakens as she relishes that dick like candy. Knowing she wants more, Nicky turns the girl around to feel that bombastic ass of hers and to drill her pussy. Annie starts screaming madly, eager to be filled by Nicky, who pushes harder and harder until his cock is loaded with creamy man juice. Nicky cums all over Annie's pussy, leaving it all wet and dripping-a sensation Annie hadn't felt in a while!
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