SisLovesMe – Promiscuity Belt – Chloe Temple

Chloe Temple
When their parents are gone, Chloe is ready to go party with her friends. There’s just one issue on her way: Tony, her stepbrother, has been instructed to keep her from doing anything slutty. He knows that his stepsis loves sex and anything that comes in contact with her pussy. To prevent her from getting dick, Tony makes her wear a chastity belt. He thinks she will learn her lesson with this, but what he doesn’t know is that this will only make her hornier, challenging Tony by sucking his cock without taking the belt off. Now that Chloe knows how to get her stepbro’s attention, she provokes him constantly. She even tells him that she has been trying to masturbate even while using the belt. This leads Tony to fondle her as a punishment, even if he knows she is actually enjoying it. Maybe she can stop using the belt if she lets him fuck her luscious pussy and finish off on her face…
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