Shoplyfter – Case No. 7906293 – Breezy Strikes Again – Breezy Bri

Breezy Bri
This isn’t Breezy’s first offense - in fact, loss prevention officer Rusty knows all about Breezy’s checkered past. But once again, Breezy is caught shoplifting and does not seem at all remorseful for her actions. Maybe it’s because she knows if she sucks Rusty’s cock and lets him play with her sweet, petite body, he’ll let her get away as many times as she wants. This girl is no fool and gets right to work playing with Rusty. He knows it’s fucked up, but he holds all the power, and if it means he gets to fuck this sweet princess of a girl, he doesn’t care. Breezy is even better the second time around. She sucks off Rusty like a pro, getting his shaft way down her throat. And she knows how to ride him this time - Breezy remembers all of the little things Rusty likes as she grinds against his dick. Rusty has to work hard not to cum right away. He wasn’t ready for Breezy to come out at full force, but her dick-riding skills have improved tenfold. When Rusty does cum, he gives Breezy a nice hot load in the mouth. She promises never to steal again, but Rusty knows this chick will be back.
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