She’s More Stacked Than Her Stepmom! – Hazel Moore & Victor Ray – Hazel Moore – Devil’s Film

Hazel Moore
Hazel Moore comes home and is shocked to find a stranger, Victor Ray, sitting on her couch. She asks him who he is and what he's doing here. Victor's answers are a bit evasive, but he says he's waiting for Katrina Colt. Hazel says that she's Katrina's stepdaughter, and asks Victor what's going on.Just then, Katrina arrives home, and is surprised to see Victor. It turns out that Victor is a troublemaker Katrina used to be in a relationship with, before she married Hazel's parent. Victor expresses some disappointment upon finding out that Katrina moved on to another man.Meanwhile, Hazel starts to become intrigued by Victor's bad boy personality. Katrina warns Hazel not to get involved with Victor, but Victor flatters Hazel, saying she has bigger boobs than her stepmom. Katrina is exasperated, but agrees to do one last favor for Victor's sake. While Katrina is occupied with getting the favor taken care of, Hazel invites Victor to take a shower.After Victor gets out of the shower, he finds Hazel waiting for him naked on the bed. Victor cautions that Katrina will be mad if she finds out, but Hazel doesn't care. Victor is amused by Hazel's attitude, and they have energetic sex, including Victor enjoying Hazel's beautiful boobs!
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