PervPrincipal – Teacher of the Year – Abi James

Abi James
Abi is a teacher at the school. She has been a trusted staff member for many years and she has been praying for the prestigious “Teacher of the Year” award. When she gets called into the Principal’s office, she is positive she’s going to get one of these awards. To her surprise, Principal Steele is actually thinking of firing her because some students have complained of her coercing them to vote for her as the teacher of the year. This won’t be tolerated at Danny’s school, and it doesn’t matter how good Abi is at her job, she has to be let go. Desperate, the disgruntled teacher tries to make a deal with him. What if she shows him some “appreciation” and she can keep her job? Mr. Steele stands behind Abi and gropes her tits firmly. Abi freezes and lets the principal touch her however he pleases. Worried that it might not be enough, Abi gets a grip of the principal’s large cock and sucks it raw. Next, the hot milf takes Danny’s dick deep up her pussy, finally winning herself the “Teacher of the Year” award but for very different reasons. Abi doesn’t mind–she has finally been recognized!
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