PervMom – Juicy Rewards – Taylor Gunner

Taylor Gunner
Taylor has had enough of her stepson Elias' lazy attitude. His room is a mess and he doesn't do his chores around the house. She is also tired of scolding him, so this time, the milf decides to go with a different approach and promises him a hot reward for every task he does at home. Suddenly motivated, Elias cleans his room and claims his reward: a nasty titjob! When Elias is about to cum, Taylor calls it off and tells him to continue to do his chores for better rewards. Now, Elias does everything without his stepmom asking! After the boy does the laundry for the first time, Taylor surprises Elias by sucking his cock, refraining to let him release his load once more. This prompts Elias to take on more and more chores, making Taylor proud and happy. Now that everything is spick and span at home, the curvy stepmom gives her boy the ultimate reward: a creampie!
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