OopsFamily – Vacation at Step-Uncle’s House – Myra Moans

Myra Moans
Mira started her studies at the new college just next to where her step-uncle lives. She realizes she hasn't seen him for many years, and it is time to catch up. Her step-uncle had just gone through a devastating breakup. Like a real kind step-niece, she decided to cheer him up by staying with him for the whole weekend. Upon arrival, she cannot contain her joy seeing her step-uncle and immediately gives him a hearty hug. The man is also happy to see his step-niece because they haven't seen each other for almost five years. Her step-uncle's words flatter her, but even more, she admires his athletic body. This is a real man, not like her peers. Indeed, she will find something to do with her beloved step-uncle. Later, while the man is lying in his bed, the door to the room opens, and a naked step-niece comes in and lies beside him. The man does not understand what's happening, but Myra makes it clear that she wants to try sex with an experienced man, and she's sure her beloved step-uncle will not mind making her a little happier. Attempts to reason with the step-niece come to nothing, and when Myra begins to rub her step-uncle's dick, the man realizes that he has no choice but to satisfy her needs. When Myra starts coming closer, the man decides to show her what it's like to be with an older guy by shoving his dick in her mouth so she can deepthroat him. After the deepthroat lesson, he decides to spread her cute thin legs and slam into his step-niece's cunt. He is sure that she will definitely like such a pussy blow. Putting Myra on her belly, the guy takes her from behind as she tries her best to contain her moans. Then he lies on the bed and pulls her down on top of him so he can enjoy a stiffie ride in her tight little twat until he explodes his cum load all over her face.
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