OopsFamily – The Game Where You Can’t Loose – River Lynn

River Lynn
River Lynn is so lazy that even washing the dishes is a challenge for her. Thus, when her stepbro comes home and notices a pile of dirty plates in the kitchen, he decides to teach her a lesson. He approaches River lying on a couch and offers her to play Heads or Tails. The loser will fulfill the wish of the winner. What can go wrong? Time after time, River loses and gets frustrated by satisfying her stepbrother's dirty desires. At first, he only asked to show her boobs, and now she has to suck his throbbing dick. Angrily, she grabs a coin and sees that the game was rigged from the very beginning. Not wanting to get scolded by his parents, stepbro decides to compromise and invites his stepsister to fuck him, and he, in turn, will do the dishes for the whole week. River finds the situation pretty tricky, although the way her stepbro cheekily squeezed her breasts and shoved his cock between them really pissed her off but, at the same time, made her horny. Stepsister decides it's time for her to have some fun as well. No more stupid games! Seeing that the stepbro's cock is still rock hard, River agrees to the deal and furiously starts sucking it until she gets enough of it. She then pulls her stepbro down onto the couch and lands her pussy on his mouth so he can make her little fuck hole dripping with juices. Her slippery twat is already nice and wet when she rolls onto her back and lets him shove his stiffie deep. As soon as River turns over, stepbrother finds her pretty ass perfect for grabbing as he piles in and out of that hot snatch. Getting on her hands and knees, she watches over her shoulder as stepbro bangs her fuck hole. He keeps up the pussy pounding, waiting until River is fully satisfied to pull out and jizz all over her asshole. Now they are even; the happy stepsis takes a shower, and the stepbrother goes to do the dishes.
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