OopsFamily – Stepmom’s Bedtime Story – Penny Barber

Penny Barber
All fairytales start the same but don't always end alike. So the milf Penny Barber did not expect that reading bedtime stories to her stepson would end far from a dream. She could not help but notice how her stepson was fidgeting in bed, obviously dissatisfied with something. When she finished reading, Penny asked what the matter was with him and why he still hadn't fallen asleep. The stepson pointed to his boner, saying that this thing bothered him. Penny had seen her stepson's erection before, so the view didn't surprise her, but why now, she wondered. Luckily, Penny knew the way to handle it. As she saw her stepson's stiffie, she realized how her stepson had grown up, and she couldn't help but start jerking him off. When she sees how the stepson's fuck stick gets harder, the milf catches herself thinking - she can't just walk away without trying to taste this young meat. She licks the tip of the dick and then repeats it again and again. When that's not enough, she leans in to deliver a deepthroat blowjob that she hopes will help the stepson cum faster. Having swallowed it, she could not imagine this thing would be so big that it filled her entire mouth. However, stepson's cock is still rock hard, so Penny resorts to the last measure. Peeling off her panties, she lifts her big booty to let her stepson pound her doggy-style. Suddenly the cougar hops onto the stepson's dick and starts riding him as her big boobies bounce around, then she turns around for a reverse cowgirl ride. When the stepson signals his stepmom that he is close to the finish line, Penny turns over to get her pussy one more round of good stroke. As the stepson unleashes his load on stepmommy's big jugs and face, Penny finally feels relief as her stepson can now sleep safe and sound.
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