OopsFamily – Oops, That’s a Family Thing – Alexia Anders, Charlie Forde

Alexia Anders & Charlie Forde
Every morning Alexia Anders wakes up, her stepfather is the first thing on her mind. She can't help but masturbate her tense clitoris looking at pictures of her stepdad because he's an example of a real man she'd like to be with. Today, her escapades are interrupted by the sound of the front door opening. Her stepfather and stepmother, Charlie Forde, are finally back and cuddling in the hallway. The stepmother tells her husband to wait for her in the bedroom while she takes a shower. Alexia realizes that this is the chance she can't miss. While her stepfather is stuck in the kitchen, she goes to her stepparent's bedroom, removes her clothes, and covers her back with a blanket so that only her legs and ass can be seen. Alexia is sure the drunk stepfather will not even understand that this is his stepdaughter's pussy. Before she had time to think about it, her stepfather's fat dick entered her hole and began pounding her vagina. Unexpectedly, Charlie walks in the room after a shower and finds her husband and stepdaughter in the middle of their fuck fest. Though angry with Alexia, she remembers that she has long wanted to diversify her sex life and finds it's a perfect chance to do it. Charlie gets on her knees and coaxes Alexia into joining her in a double BJ, giving stepdaddy a nice cocksucking before letting him in for a pussy feast. Enjoying a lusty threesome, Charlie feasts on Alexia's pussy while being fucked by her husband. With Charlie and Alexia taking turns riding stepdad's fuck stick, they don't care about holding the moans. As Alexia rolls on her back, stepdad finally gets to bang his hot stepdaughter and then his curvy wife into her slippery snatch from behind. He keeps it up until he bursts into their faces with an endless cumload.
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