OopsFamily – Fixing Family Issues – Alexis Malone, Sophia Locke

Alexis Malone & Sophia Locke
Sometimes, family problems can't be solved with a simple conversation, so the help of a third party is required. Stacked milf Alexis Malone has been experiencing the issue of sexual attention from her stepson for a long time. Therefore, she doesn't find anything better than to go on an appointment with professional psychotherapist Sophie Locke. Sophie suggests a particular practice so they both can better understand each other's desires. She offers Alexis and her stepson to start with visual therapy and lets the stepson see his stepmother's stunning body so that she gets used to his attention. Shortly after the session begins, Sophie decides to join the procedure by taking off her clothes. The good doctor assures her that this is part of the procedure, but Alexis doesn't care as she seems to be starting to enjoy it. A few minutes later, when the three of them feel sexual tension, Sophie claims it's time to get rid of it through intercourse. It's not long before the guy finds himself with two gorgeous milfs sucking on his stiffie. When Sophie deems Alexis ready to move on, she offers Alexis to sit on her stepson's hard-on. Seeing Alexis's rocking hips and hearing her moans of delight gets Sophie incredibly horny. She can't help but taste Jane's juicy boobs and rub her swollen clit. Eventually, Sophie gets to take a turn on the guy's enormous rod, allegedly to demonstrate yet another new technique. Eventually, she guides the guy into a proper doggy-style pussy pounding. Soon, Alexis takes her stepson's dick back to herself to ride it properly. Only after the guy has satisfied his two cougars, both Alexis and Sophie work together to jerk him off until he's finally ready to give his hot stepmom and therapist a cum facial. The procedure has a strong effect, but one session is not enough, and Alexis and her stepson will have to get to know each other better.
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