OopsFamily – Family Crush – Kay Lovely

Kay Lovely
Kay Lovely has always been popular with guys, and she went through them like they were toys. She did not count on finding admirers among her family, though. Lying on a couch, she is chatting with another poor sucker who has a crush on her, but the exchange of pleasantries is interrupted by Kay's stepbrother, who comes home early. He also has a crush on his stepsis, so out of jealousy, he wonders who she is texting with. After the stepsis answers that it's a friend of hers, the stepbro doesn't hold back and asks Kay why she needs him, as she has a dear stepbrother who is always there. Kay thinks this is weird but replies her stepbro cannot give her everything she wants. The guy insists, asking what exactly he can't give her. Sex is an essential thing that she can't have with her stepbro. Stebro agrees but says he is more handsome than that guy. He shows his abs to Kay, asking her if that guy has the same body. Staring at stepbrother's body, she gets horny and asks him if his dick is as good as his abs. Shy stepsister pulls his cock out of pants. Now Kay is sure that her stepbrother's magic wand can't disappoint any woman. She starts stroking his boner gently, and now all she wants is to taste it with her mouth. Kay drops down on her knees to start sucking him off. When the stepsis finishes polishing the guy's rod, he soon gets his face buried between Kay's thighs. He uses his fingers and tongue to bring her to the climax, but as she's cumming he shoves his dick into her. Having her pussy nice and wet, Kay takes her stepbrother for a ride, hopping onto that cock and going for it as her titties bounce. When they switch, the stepbro keeps pounding away his stepsis until Kay explodes in orgasms again. On her back, Kay watches with delight as the stepbro continues to work her towards another peak of ecstasy before covering her tits and belly with fresh jizz that leaves her satisfied but hoping for many more wild sex sessions.
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