OopsFamily – Crime and Punishment – Lana Smalls

Lana Smalls
Lana Smalls is a big shopping fan. And even having an empty wallet does not prevent her from buying new stuff. That's the reason why she stole and sold the mascot of her stepbrothers' football team. And that was her biggest mistake. That mascot brought them luck. After another defeat, the guys went crazy and came to her. They had a proof that it was Lana who had committed this terrible theft. How could their stepsister break their hearts? This dirty bitch deserves punishment. But which one? Lana feels that conflict cannot be avoided, she suggests a foursome, the only option that everyone will enjoy. The stepbrothers agree and Lana already imagines three cocks touching her fit body. Just thinking about it makes her so horny. Standing on her knees, she proves that she is a real master of deepthroat. When she has polished all three cocks, the stepbrothers tear her stockings apart to try her cunt with their cocks. It looks like Lana is going to have a very rough ride. And it makes her pussy even wetter. While one stepbrother bangs her snatch, Lana continues to suck two more cocks. Then, one by one, they penetrate her vagina and fuck it until everyone is ready to cum on their stepsister's pretty face. Lana now hopes that such sex will become a new mascot for her stepbrothers and they will come to her before their next match.
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