MyBabysittersClub – Fulfilling His Fantasy – Molly Little

Molly Little
Danny has a longtime fantasy he wants to see fulfilled. For years, he’s wanted to fuck a slutty babysitter. A really raunchy teen babe who wants nothing more than to get fucked hard by an older guy. His dreams come true when they hire Molly, a petite and perky blonde babe who ticks all the right boxes. She eyes Danny immediately, and when they have a moment alone, she whispers into his ear and bites it to let him know he can do whatever he wants to her. Molly gets right to work on Danny and sucks his cock. He can’t believe his fantasies are playing out right there in the living room while his wife is in another room. Their fling continues strong, and now Danny is messing around with Molly whenever he has the chance. When his wife is out of town, Danny and Molly can really have some fun. On his bed, he spreads the cute blonde babe's legs and eats her pussy before filling her up. With no risk of being caught, they can be as loud and nasty as they want, and the two go all out.
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