MyBabysittersClub – A Very Sneaky Babysitter – Allie Addison

Allie Addison
Allie is a dedicated and trustworthy babysitter, and she’s always happy to help her boss, Eddie. But Allie is also human, and when she’s horny, all she wants to do is fuck. So, thinking she’ll have the house to herself, Allie invites her boyfriend Joshua over to have some fun. Allie can’t wait to mess around with Joshua. The thought of fucking while she’s working excites her immensely. Joshua arrives, and Allie wastes no time getting to business. She sucks Joshua’s cock on the couch, getting into the moment, but is cut short when she hears her boss entering the house. In a panic, Allie tells Joshua to hide. Eddie had to come home early but will finish the rest of the work day at home. Now what the fuck is Allie supposed to do? She’s still horny, and her boyfriend is hiding in her boss's house. Neither Allie nor Joshua are willing to give up until they get to fuck. Hiding behind the counter in the kitchen, Joshua eats Allie’s pussy, but they are interrupted again when Eddie enters the kitchen for some coffee. Thinking quickly, Allie tells Eddie she’ll make the coffee and bring it to him in his office - clever girl. Allie later meets Joshua in the bathroom, where they can finally fuck. The built tension makes the sex even more intense, let alone how risky this entire situation is. They move to the bedroom, where they think they can keep fucking without being caught. Messing around during working hours is a lot of fun, and Allie thinks she’ll do this more often. Joshua cums hard, and Allie sucks his cock dry, taking every drop he has to offer. But they have no time to enjoy the post-bliss moment as Eddie enters the room. Joshua hides himself once more, but now Allie has to explain why she’s naked on Eddie’s bed. Thinking quickly again, Allie tells Eddie she wants to play with him. This is easily the best part of Eddie’s day and easily the worst day of Joshua’s life.
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