MyBabysittersClub – A Sex Tape with the Nanny – Renee Rose

Renee Rose
Renee is a cute schoolgirl who loves her babysitting job. The money is good, the kids are chill, and she has no reason to complain. However, what she likes the most is GI Joey, her hot boss. Renee dreams of Joey filling her up, so one day, she sets the scene at his house before he arrives. The naughty babysitter prepares her boss’ bed for him to fuck his wife on a romantic evening, but Joey confesses to her that the missus has been cheating on him for a while, so he’d rather take advantage of the occasion with someone who truly appreciates him. Renee immediately accepts to fuck her boss and has no problem with Joey filming himself stuffing up the nanny’s pussy to send it to his wife in revenge.
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