MomShoot – While You Showered… – Jennifer Mendez

Jennifer Mendez
Every time her stepson Jimmy goes into the shower, Jennifer’s mind goes wild, yet this time, she took things too far. As soon as the boy went into the bathroom, the horny milf took Jimmy’s filthy clothes and started smelling them. The scent of her stepson’s manhood drove her mad, masturbating wildly to Jimmy’s odor. The bodacious vixen turns things up a notch by intruding in her stepson’s shower. Jimmy also has had thoughts about his stepmom’s stunning tits and juicy ass, so rather than feeling awkward, Jimmy lures his stepmom into sucking his cock. Jennifer can hardly resist such a proposal, devouring her stepson’s dick with lust. Her wet dreams come true as Jimmy fucks her pussy open, causing her to drip endlessly. Jimmy’s cock gets all warmed up and ready to shoot his load all over his stepmom’s precious tits, the perfect finale for a new secret relationship between stepmother and stepson.
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