Mommy’sBoy – It’s Just A Coincidence, Sweetie! – Brittany Andrews

Brittany Andrews
A single stepmom, Brittany Andrews, complains to her stepson, Diego Perez, about the quality of romance novels, claiming that she could write them better -- they're just so unrealistic! Diego supportively encourages her to write her own romance novella and, feeling a burst of inspiration, Brittany commits to the idea. A few weeks later, Diego comes to give Brittany feedback on the first draft of her novella but he is perplexed since maybe the novella is TOO realistic -- all the lover characters seem to be based on HIM. Although Brittany initially denies it, there are just too many coincidences to ignore. It quickly becomes clear that she HAS been using him as inspiration and has feelings for him. Luckily, he also has feelings for HER, and together, they decide to turn fantasy into reality!
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