MomDrips – The Perfect Glaze for This Treat – Mandy Waters

Mandy Waters
Nicky finds out that his stepmom Mandy is having trouble paying the bills, so he comes up with a plan to get some extra income: A bake sale! Mandy loves the idea and loves having Nicky around to help her. She really needs a man around the house now that her husband is gone, but Nicky’s presence makes everything much easier. When Mandy shows some love to her boy, she notices that Nicky actually gets a boner when she hugs her. While Nicky is embarrassed, Mandy’s curiosity ignites, asking her stepson to show her his cock. Surprised by the fact that Nicky reminds her of the boy’s dad, she drops to her knees and sucks his dick, savoring it thoroughly as if it was her ex-husband’s shaft. This sparks a new relationship between Mandy and her stepson, a tender bond based on cooking together and fucking hard. In the end, cookies won't be the only thing getting glazed, as Nicky gives his stepmom what his dad wouldn’t: a hot creampie!
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