ModernDaySins – Chaste Makes Haste – Chanel Camryn

Chanel Camryn
Chanel Camryn's boyfriend has been traveling overseas for some time, and she misses him dearly. Of course, she's excited to have him back, especially since they each decided to wear chastity belts to save their virginities for their eventual reunion. But when Chanel's boyfriend informs her that he'll be spending more time away than initially expected, she grows restless for release. Her desire for pleasure proving too powerful to ignore, she enlists the help of Codey Steele, a locksmith, to help free her from her chastity belt (since her boyfriend has the key, of course). But when Codey finally releases Chanel from her so-called shackles, he notices a look of temptation in her virgin eyes. After all this time waiting without pleasure, she wants to feel all of it now, with Codey. They have intense, sensual sex, with Codey taking Chanel's virginity right then and there.
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