LilSis – I Can Do That For You Stepsis – S3:E5 – Haley Reed

Haley Reed
This season on Lil Sis we're running a love your family hotline hosted by love coach Alex Coal. Today's caller is Haley Reed. She has discovered that she can get her stepbrother Juan Loco to do her chores for him if she makes him fancy lunches. That worked just fine until Juan's girlfriend broke up with him. Suddenly, Haley wasn't getting her chores done unless she gave Juan physical attention like kisses on the cheek and massages. Alex guides Haley through sharing her experience massaging her stepbrother while she wears only her panties. Haley then goes on to tell the story of Juan coming into her room and admitting that he really wants to fuck her. He claimed he'd do all her chores for a year if she'd get with him just this once, and Haley could hardly believe her good luck. Throwing herself into Juan's arms, she began making out with him before pushing him onto the bed so she could suck his dick. When Haley finally sank down on Juan's cock in cowgirl she couldn't get enough of riding him. She did him in reverse cowgirl, throwing her head back in delight. Then she let her stepbro eat her out and fuck her in doggy. They finished with Haley on her back, taking Juan's hardon nice and deep until he was ready to blow. When Juan pulled out and covered Haley in cum, she knew wanted more. She doesn't have any bargaining chips left, though, which is where Alex comes in. Alex reminds Haley that it doesn't have to be a transactional coupling, which leaves Haley a bit awed and very happy.
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