HijabHookup – Pay Your Husband’s Dues – Aaliyah Yasin

Aaliyah Yasin
Aaliyah feels uneasy as her husband Karim is absent and the doorbell rings with an unfamiliar visitor. After reluctantly opening the door, this suspicious man named Marcus walks in to inform her that her husband is entangled with the wrong crowd, owing a substantial amount of money Mike's here to collect. Unfortunately, she's not allowed to make money decisions, so if she really cares about her husband, Aaliyah will have to solve things differently. Marcus gives her simple and naughty tasks to fulfill. Aaliyah is initially disgusted by them, sucking a stranger's finger, wearing slutty lingerie, and tasting Mike's hard cock. However, as the situation unfolds, her restraints disappear, becoming the wild sexual beast she didn't know she had in her.
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