DaughterSwap – The Laws of Swapping – Maria Kazi, Phoebe Kalib

Maria Kazi & Phoebe Kalib
Maria and Phoebe are the stepdaughters of two very important men. Mike and Danny are powerful and have a lot of pull in the political world. Maria is a good girl, while Phoebe is rebellious and is always looking to find ways to oppose her stepdaddy’s laws and impositions. When Phoebe learns of Danny’s idea to outlaw all promiscuity in marriage, she knows she has to find a way to change his mind. Phoebe tells Maria to seduce Danny, and at first, Maria isn’t sure. But Phoebe knows that underneath her goody-two-shoe exterior, there is a sexual deviant looking to be unleashed. The plan goes off without a hitch, and Maria finds Danny alone. She tempts him with a blowjob, and Danny folds immediately. Caught in the act, Mike can’t believe he’s seeing his stepdaughter suck his colleague’s cock. Phoebe knows the tables have turned and jumps right into action. Phoebe will mess around with Mike, and Maria will mess around with Danny. The lobbyists know it’s wrong, but that’s never stopped them before! After having fun with each other’s stepdaughters, the men decide to go for a full-on daughter swap. Maria and Phoebe ride their stepdad’s cocks hard until the men bust and give them both a creamy load. The sweet girls share a cummy kiss and ensure a brighter future for horny girls everywhere.
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