DatingMyStepson – Playing My Cards Right – S1:E3 – Pristine Edge

Pristine Edge
This season on Dating my Stepson, Jayden Marcos is taking a new spin towards finding love. She has decided to go on a date with the potential girlfriend's mom. If it works out, he'll date the daughter right on the spot. Today's date is with Pristine Edge, mom to Rachel. Pristine deals cards to Jayden, but eventually the date turns into strip poker. Things start getting spicy as Pristine's luck turns sour, although Pristine tries to remind herself that they're here for her daughter. Once her tits are out, though, Pristine gives in to the chemistry between herself and Jayden. She crawls across the table, palms his boner, and makes it clear he can have anything he wants. Once Jayden has sampled Pristine's pussy with his tongue, he stands up and shoves it in. Then Pristine crouches in front of him, licking his balls and shaft clean. She gets to her feet and leans forward over the table so Jayden can do her from behind. As they wind down, Pristine sits Jayden down and demonstrates her fitness by fucking him in cowgirl until he's ready to pop. She gives Jayden a handie until he blows on her stomach, and they both bask in the afterglow of a good fuck.
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