DareWeShare – Dessert to Share – Anna De Ville

Anna De Ville
Nathan Bronson and Robby Apples sit on a bed, whispering to each other with fierce determination. Behind them, Anna De Ville is busy in the kitchen, looking for snacks. Within moments, the nature of Nathan and Robby's intense discussion becomes clear: they've both come back to Anna's place after a night out, and each of them wants the other to leave so they can get frisky with Anna! Nathan and Robby go back and forth, each of them trying to come up with reasons why the other should get lost. It's hopeless, however, since neither of these stubborn fellas appears to want to back down. Luckily for them, however, Anna has a simple solution in mind. Why don't they share her? After all, she brought BOTH of them over to her pad for a reason... to have a sexy, steamy threesome, of course!
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