Cheating Costs You Double – Myra Moans – Exxxtra Small

Myra Moans
Myra has been cheating on her boyfriend Mike for a while now. To make things worse, she’s been fucking Matt, Mike’s roommate. The two lovers have been doing nasty stuff in the kitchen Mike and Matt share. Matt just loves getting the petite babe naked and eating her pussy over the kitchen counter. Yet, things take a wild turn when Mike arrives a little earlier and notices that something weird is going on. The naked girl tries to hide while Matt eases his roommate. Mike is completely mad and on to them, so he does his best to find out where his cheating girlfriend is hiding. When he finds her, he goes a little crazy, but Myra manages to calm him down with a raunchy deal: if he forgives her, she can give him the threesome he has always wanted. Mike has always fantasized about the idea of his girl handling two cocks at the same time, and now that he calls the shot, he jumps at the chance of teaming up with his best buddy to drill his babe’s cunt.
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