CaughtFapping – An Eyeful and an Earful – Rachael Cavalli

Rachael Cavalli
Jodie Johnson sneaks into his friend's parent's bedroom, holding a letter in his hand. He's got a massive crush on Rachael Cavalli (the parent in question), so he's taken the opportunity while at his friend's house to drop a love letter in her room. He opens up some drawers, looking for a place to put the letter where Rachael will find it but her husband won't. Then, he stumbles upon Rachael's underwear drawer, and Jodie's eyes go wide with lust. He picks up one of the panties and gives them a whiff, getting turned on by the second. But just then, he hears Rachael entering through the front door and heading for the bedroom. With no time to spare, Jodie ducks into the closet, narrowly avoiding Rachael as she enters. What he didn't realize, however, is that he left the letter on her bed! Rachael spots the letter and reads it, finding it charming. So charming, in fact... that she decides to slip off her panties and fap right then and there. Jodie spies on her from the closet, unable to believe his luck. But when Jodie gets caught, he learns that he's a LOT luckier than he first thought. As it turns out, Jodie's feelings for Rachael are reciprocal, and she's willing to show him a good time... right now!
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