The Makeover – Aubry Babcock, Callie Black – Daughter Swap

Aubry Babcock & Callie Black
Aubry starts to hang out with her new friend Callie, a schoolgirl who dresses and acts provocatively. Aubry wants to be more like her, so Callie gives her new friend a slutty makeover to piss off her stepdad Peter. When Peter finds out, he rushes into Callie’s house with his stepdaughter to demand an explanation. He and Aubry meet with Aubry’s stepdad Peter, who is just as cool as Callie and allows her to do pretty much whatever she wants. He explains to Aubry’s stepdad that girls need to be free, and tells Callie to play with him a little to loosen him up. On her turn, Aubry starts fooling around with Callie’s stepdad. As the two men share their stepdaughters with each other, swapping again suddenly becomes a good idea.
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