Serving Balls – Mona Azar, Kenzie Taylor – Mom Swap

Kenzie Taylor & Mona Azar
Mona and Kenzie invite their stepsons Nade and Nick to join them in a friendly tennis showdown as practice for an upcoming mother/son tournament. It’s the perfect opportunity for the gals to step outside and feel accomplished one more time. Kenzie and Mona are clearly more experienced and competitive, so they get worried when they see their stepsons are not nearly as good as they need them to be, so they decide to swap sons and practice with them 1-on-1. What they don’t know is that the reason why their boys are so distracted is because they are horny just from watching each other’s stepmom play! Mona and Kenzie are nothing if not understanding, so they help Nade and Nick cool down their boners with a hot foursome, so they can focus on properly learning how to play tennis.
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