Make Me Feel Good – Kitty Valance – Hijab Mylfs
Kitty Valance
When her son’s friend Rico messes up the day her son was supposed to move out for college, Kitty doesn’t want to send him out on the road without some refreshments. Rico gets way too comfy and finds a porn movie in the notebook. Kitty catches him jerking off to this dirty movie and kicks him out. Once she’s alone, Kitty gets curious and, knowing that her son will also be exposed to these kinds of movies, decides to check one out. She has no idea that her son’s friend forgot his phone, and when he comes to pick it up, he catches her masturbating on the couch and takes a picture of her. Kitty hits him up later to ask him to delete that picture before he sells it, so now her son’s friend wants something special in return. Kitty’s first blowjob awakens Kitty’s most primal and forbidden instincts, so she invites Rico once more to make her feel good.
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