FreeuseFantasy – Cleaning While the Boss Uses Us – Chanel Camryn, Daisy Lavoy
Chanel Camryn & Daisy Lavoy
It’s Daisy’s first day as a cleaning lady for Mr. Rebel, and it’s up to Chanel, one of the master’s favorite employees, to mentor her. The cute blonde admires Chanel, so she tries to learn everything from her. One of the most important rules of the house is respecting Mr. Rebel’s work, letting him have his business calls while he sticks his fingers in his employees' mouths and pussies. When it comes to cleaning the bathroom, it’s crucial to be thorough and clean every corner while savoring the master’s big dick. In the kitchen, everything should be shining, so scrubbing while getting their pussies pounded is the best way to go. Daisy doesn’t want to let her new boss down, so she’ll do EVERYTHING to fit in the job.
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