DetentionGirls – My Step Brothers Gender Reveal Party – S2:E10 Ashley Lane, Clara Trinity, Jane Wilde

Jane Wilde has recently been in a detention facility for naughty girls. While she was there, she made some new BFFs in Clara Trinity and Ashley Lane. The girls are hanging out in the kitchen when Jane’s stepbrother, Nathan Bronson walks in on them. He’s surprised to see Jane at home, but she gives back as good as Nathan gives. Their verbal sparring winds up with Jane telling Nathan that they got a cake for his gender reveal party. She asks him to go get it. Nathan agrees to do so, but when the girls are not looking he goes for a prank of his own by hiding his dick in the cake.The girls are pleased with the cake, but Jane freaks out when she realizes Nathan’s special twist. Ashley is less shy about pulling Nathan’s dick out. Since it’s covered in frosting, she and Clara are quick to get on their knees and start sucking the frosting off. Although Jane is hesitant to join them, she eventually realizes that her time in the detention facility has left her way too horny for cock to be picky about it being her stepbrother she’s blowing. As the girls take turns sucking, they lift their shirts to fondle their eager titties. When they relocate to the couch to have some sexy fun, Ashley takes the first ride on Nathan’s fuck stick. She bounces away as Clara and Jane peel off their own panties and then go to work lapping at her breasts. Nathan gets on his knees next as Jane helps hold Clara in place. He enters Clara and dives deep, giving it to his stepsister’s petite friend. When Jane finally decides that it’s okay to fuck her own stepbrother, she climbs into his lap and sinks down on his fuck stick. With Ashley’s mouth on her titties and Clara’s hands on her ass, Jane goes wild. When ethe girls decide they want Nathan on top, first Ashley and then Clara get stuffed with cock. Jane gets the last poke. As soon as Nathan has brought his stepsis off, the trio of girls gets on their knees to blow him to a climax that’s so powerful he gives the girls a triple facial.
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