Back to the Cooter Part 2: Return Trip – Kiki Klout, Sasha Pearl – Mom Swap

Kiki Klout & Sasha Pearl
Back to the Cooter (Part 2 of 3): Carlos and Jimmy are flung from the year 1995 to 2013 after fucking their virgin stepmoms. When they return home, something feels different - and their stepmoms notice it, too. Kiki (Chloe) and Sasha (Venus) are stunned when Carlos and Jimmy are wearing the same clothes as the guys who took their virginity in 1995. Kiki and Sasha have the guys show them their cocks to prove their suspicions. Now the milfs feel frisky and want a round two with their stepsons. Carlos fucks Kiki, and Jimmy fucks Sasha, but after a while, the horny babes want to feel their own stepsons’ cocks inside them. After Carlos and Jimmy finish, they learn that in this new timeline, they have stepsisters. What does this mean for the future? Only Part 3 holds the answers!
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